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1-on-1 Coaching

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Life has a way of convincing us at times that “this” is as good as it gets.  It’s easy to get comfortable and, despite knowing and feeling that there’s more, it can feel like this is it.

Maybe you’re comfortable in your job because it brings in a consistent paycheck but isn’t fulfilling or tapping into your potential.  Maybe your relationship feels comfortable but it’s missing that spark of intimacy and depth you know is possible but feels out of reach.

Maybe you know you’re a powerful man with purpose, but never felt like you fit in the box of what a powerful masculine leader was supposed to look like.

Whatever it is, you know there’s more…but more feels out of reach.

There’s a quote I love that says, “What people can do is amazing…what they will do is often disappointing.”

And it’s not for lack of want or desire that we don’t always accomplish what we’re capable of.  It’s because there are things in our way: fears, doubts, mis-beliefs, emotional blocks and many other things that prevent us from seeing our potential and seeing a path forward.

That’s what coaching does.  My job is to see your potential, even if you can’t, and help you create the path forward.

Come explore your potential.

Let’s create what’s possible.


Jonny’s coaching helped me separate past life events from who I am and where I was headed. Throughout our coaching he was able to help clear that internal mental fog I had created and get “unstuck.”Luke P.

Jonny has a tremendous caring about him and yet pushed me when I needed it so I could move through the challenging times I was experiencing. After 1 session with him, I became aware of how I had not been serving my success, and that same afternoon, I nailed my interview and got the job I had been hoping for. Tony T.


Throughout most of my 20’s, I spent years in Latin America doing rural community development and other volunteer-work.  It’s known as Sustainable Development, and one of the more widely accepted definitions of it is “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising one’s ability to meet their own needs in the future.”

And that’s what I do with my clients. I help you now, in the present, to understand yourself on a deeper level, to tap into whatever is truly in the way and give you the resources and tools and space to move through it, so you are able to do it for yourself; moving forward without needing as much support as you may need now.



Awareness is always the first step. If we’re not aware, we can’t change


You must BELIEVE you can change. Otherwise, you won’t try.


How bad do you want it? If you don’t want the goal bad enough, you’ll let other things get in the way


Let’s createWhat’s Possible

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Jonny’s compassion and intuition, coupled with his superb questions and listening skills made our time together highly productive. He was able to guide me to the solutions for several personal challenges. Bevan H.

Jonny was a huge piece of my transformation. I could not have done what I did this year in all areas of life without him! His kindness, compassion, value, and consistent intention of being fully present and available to serve my needs was so helpful.Christina W.