Client Results

Client Results



Google Software Engineer

      When I heard from a friend who had participated in Jonny’s coaching, I had been intrigued by the idea of having a coach for some time. After all, it’s normal for athletes to have coaches that help them get better at their game, and if I wanted to have a better life, wouldn’t it make sense for me to get a coach to help better live my life?

      So I reached out for a referral and Jonny and I started our two-year coaching, and boy, I could not have anticipated the deep, profound changes he would bring into my life at that moment. 

      Where do I start?

      How about when in the first few months, Jonny helped me to get my act together to propose to my then-girlfriend and now wife, with whom I cannot imagine the amazing things we’ll do and experience in our lives?

      How about when I had changed my job and struggled mightily with conflicts with my manager… how Jonny not only guided me to find a better situation but also reflect and recognize how much my attitude had contributed to my own struggles?

      How about the times he gave me the tools and the knowledge to manage my day-to-day, build new habits, and uphold integrity with myself? Or how it’s ok to abandon narratives about yourself that don’t serve you anymore?

      And so much more.  

      But you know what’s the thing I’ll remember the most about our coaching? The thing I am most grateful to have learned from Jonny?

      The art of showing up. He taught me by showing up to our every session. Every time, it did not matter what concern I’ve brought, or new challenges I’ve come across, or what new thing I’ve accomplished, he was always there, with 100% of his attention on me, listening, understanding, and constantly bringing the insight I needed to better my own situation. I left every call feeling understood, wiser, and feeling like I could tackle whatever it was life was going to throw at me. 

      He showed what leadership really looks like. 

      No elaborate speeches. Nor pep talks. Nor any 5-step processes. Just show up with our best energy and try to do the right thing, everyday. Even if it’s just ourselves watching. Especially, if it’s just ourselves watching. 

      Thank you, Jonny, for being my coach. I’m excited to tackle life with all it has to offer, thanks to the resilience we’ve built together, and I’m confident I can show up in my life in a way that can make you proud. 

      Now – if you are not still not convinced yet that Jonny is a great (greatest?) coach, you can just sign up for his intro call. He’s gonna show up there, ready to help you help yourself.



      Herbalife Distributor

          I hired to Jonny to focus primarily on improving two areas in my life: my business and my marriage.  It’s not that either were bad, I just knew there was more to be had and couldn’t quite figure out how to take them to the next level.  In the process of coaching with Jonny, I discovered how I had been getting in my own way of those and other areas of my life. 

          Now I’m much more confident in all areas of my life.  I’m able to adapt to my surroundings and my world even more, which has created significant shifts in my life and business.  My communication improved with my wife.  We are able to work through or avoid arguments altogether much more easily.  And I began stepping into my leadership even more in my business, communicating more effectively with my team, handling challenges with less fear, and connecting with my customers in a more confident way.  I’m even taking more time for myself, time to work out, ride my bike, spend time with my wife, and even take a little time off of work. 

          With Jonny I appreciated having a neutral third person (other than my wife) to talk through things and work through problems.  I know now I can push through the hard things and find success on the other side of them.  I would recommend coaching with Jonny as it had a positive impact on my life, business, and future.



          Registered Nurse, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Coach

              Words cannot express the gratitude I feel, and the depth of the experience of being coached by Jonny. When I first found Jonny, I was in the middle of one of the biggest life transitions I have ever been through. Having lost most of my “former life” due to the coronavirus pandemic, I was now caught in a limbo with my entire future unclear and up in the air. After several months, I knew in my heart that I could not go back to who I used to be, but was not yet aware of what was to come. There was a “vague” feeling of something having felt “off” in my “previous life”, but I could not identify exactly what it was. In a way I was thankful that change had come, but what was it that felt “off” before, and where to go now?

              Finding Jonny was a pure blessing, and it happened right at the perfect time when these answers were ready to be discovered. Jonny has a true gift, and was able to dive deep into my mind, subconscious, and heart so that I could discover for myself what had been going on. Through asking the right questions, impeccable listening and reflection, and knowing just where to gently steer my ship, the answers came one right after the other. It is something you have to experience to believe.

              I discovered that in several areas of my life (professional, family, spiritual, social), I was not living my authentic truth and passion, but had “given away” my truth to others instead of trusting my own heart and acting on it. I felt shrunk down in a pattern of fear, assuming (subconsciously) that I had no unique and worthy contributions and leadership voice in my life and in the world. Jonny exposed this story I was telling myself over several months of profound deep inner work, and I now feel like I have been born into a different life. I was not aware of the level of joy and empowerment that comes with learning to “own” your life and trust the deep guidance in your heart. Then taking the action steps to put the intuition and guidance in motion and go down the life path that Spirit has been whispering to you to go down…irrespective of what other people or society say is right. My confidence is soaring, and I now know in my heart who I am and what I have to offer the world. The unique gem of our authentic Self is ours to celebrate and share with others.

              It feels like the possibilities are endless, and that I now have the confidence and strength to author any path I wish in my life and in the world. Recognizing what I have, making a life/career path out of it, and offering it to the world as a gift of service and love. Our life is a joyous palette co-created with Spirit, and this freedom is forever ours should we choose to reclaim it. I cannot recommend Jonny’s coaching enough for anyone who wishes to see what is possible in their lives.”



              Teacher & Mom

                I met Jonny in the most fantastic way… our guided trip to Peru led by him and his wife.  I loved his coaching, structure, and feedback.  My life was set in motion to change as that trip ended.  Years later, I realized I could still use him for continual structure and coaching in my daily life.  I signed on for 6 months and renewed for our coaching to extend another 6 months.

                If you would have met me four years ago, I was a victim.  I had been cheated on and single parenting wasn’t what I signed up for.  I was unaware of my worth and not in a place to find peace or start my new story.

                Today, I am proud of my past.  I am grateful for my story and who it has made me!!  I own my mistakes, I am proud of my actions, and I use what I learned through coaching to maintain my goals.

                What I enjoyed most about Jonny was the honesty on both of our ends.  I was able to reach out to him about anything.  I felt safe and trusted his feedback.  He helped pave the path for me to find myself again.  He was with me through the healing of my first marriage, self-worth, PARENTING, dating, work, and friendships.  We covered all of it.  When I asked for proof of something that I could not see was working, he found a way.  When I needed parenting support (my fear was that this was an area he might not be able to support me in), he found multiple ways.  And he was available outside of our sessions too.

                I needed the coaching.  I needed to regain my inner strength and confidence.  I needed to be held accountable.

                I am so grateful for my time with Jonny.  I made my life mine again.



                  C. A.

                  Senior Systems Analyst

                    I met Jonny nearly eight years ago while we were both getting our master’s degrees. He always had this amazingly curious intellect about him, which started our friendship. I remember him telling me about his wife getting her master’s in spiritual psychology at the same time. When I lived in California years ago, I had a friend who also went through the exact same program.

                    Fast forward a few years: I went through an incredibly painful and prolonged divorce. My basement flooded twice with black water during that time. I had major health problems. All of this was slowly grinding me down.

                    I went to my previous psychologist, that I’d seen years before. She’s wonderful and lovely, but I left the sessions feeling sad, upset, or hopeless. I saw my Dr, we talked through it. I still needed help and I knew I needed to immediately.

                    I reached out to Jonny, whom had since completed his degree in Spiritual Psychology and had established himself as a Life Coach. I needed someone whom I could trust and find the root cause of my grief with. I needed someone who would stand next to me with it, and lead the way for me to step out of it. I was in too deep to see a way out.

                    Traditional Psychotherapy wasn’t helping, motivational Facebook posts weren’t working, my friends and family were tired of it too. I needed a bigger toolbox.

                    I met with Jonny and we talked about how I was trapped on island A and we needed to swim to island B, and we’d do that together. Island A was my painful past. Island B was my future goals, the life I wanted to live.

                    Island A was slowly killing me, it was time to take a leap of faith and start swimming! I put my complete faith in Jonny to let go of island A. I was clinging to it for dear life.

                    On our journey to get to island B, I realized that I needed to go deeper than any type of therapy I’d done before. My body was holding on, he helped me release it. My mind was holding on, he helped me release that. My soul wouldn’t let go either, and he helped me through that as well.

                    I won’t say that the journey was easy, but I wasn’t alone. I had someone gently guiding the way and being proud of my accomplishments, no matter how small. With each session, he would ask me for feedback on how he could correct the course we were on. We never needed to, and I’ve never had anyone ask me what they could do to better help me. That made me trust him more.

                    To say that the work I did with Jonny saved me is an understatement. It saved my relationships with my family and friends, my job, everything. I made it to island B and then some. I stood into and reclaimed my power. I’m no longer a victim, I’m not even a survivor. I’m a warrior!



                      Myofascial Therapist / Business Owner

                        When I first started working with Jonny I was existing in a state of constant anxiety. I contacted Jonny when I knew I couldn’t continue living life that way, I needed a change. At first it felt really challenging to prioritize slowing down and taking time for myself, especially as a small business owner. But, by Jonny creating a space where I felt safe to openly share and communicate fears, worries and more I was able to settle in and really start to own who I am and what I WANT to prioritize in my life.

                        Now I am in a place where I live day to day without anxiety attacks, I feel more confident in my business and my interactions with people on a personal and professional level. I have more time to take care of myself and the tools to keep myself on track even if I’m not always perfect. I’m grateful for my time working with Jonny and I’m proud of my new found confidence and strength in all aspects of my life.



                          Director of Sales

                            Coaching with Jonny has been a fun and powerful journey.  When he and I started coaching, I was having trouble even finding the time to have our first session.  My life dramatically changed so quickly with a new career, a new home, my relationship with my fiancee, and my relationship with myself.  I had acquired a multitude of bad habits and was struggling to juggle all of the new changes and responsibilities.  I wasn’t excited to start my day because of the anxiety and uncertainty I felt as soon as I opened my eyes. 

                            I was always good at dreaming up things for my life but would become overwhelmed with so many ideas. I lacked the “know how” to follow through and make realistic goals.   As a result, I would often feel like a failure who was stuck in a vicious cycle of negative self talk. It was rare that I credited myself for any accomplishments or redeeming qualities. 

                            Jonny introduced and provoked so many new waves of thinking… He challenged my ideology and encouraged me to look deeper into who I am and why.  Because of his encouragement, I have  shifted to a more likable place.  He helped me find my center and passion again, all while giving me the tools to regulate self talk and control anxiety for the rest of my life.  I’m so much kinder to myself, and practice self-care where I put aside time to just relax and reboot.  I feel like I naturally am getting more respect at work, and I’m understanding that what I envision will ultimately be my reality if I make goals and stick to them. 

                            My sessions with Jonny were essential to realizing my self worth and the control I have over the story of my life.  I didn’t know what to expect when I started working with him, but I am so glad that I opened up and followed through.



                              Ingredient Control Technician

                              When I first started working with Jonny, I was feeling lost. Lost in the world and within myself. Here was my life situation during this time: I had recently lost my job and had been searching for the past four months. During that time, I was able to financially sustain myself but soon enough I was out of money. My self-image was tied to my financial statement so that didn’t help anything. Because I was out of money I was trapped in my house and trapped inside my own head which was a very bad combination. I had no belief in myself and my ability to succeed in life was non-existent. I believe I told Jonny that my middle name was “Mr. Condemn”.

                              Throughout our time together, Jonny and I were able to dig into the main roots of my issues. Of course, it was extremely uncomfortable to look into my past and see some ugly. Jonny and I described it as “digging into the thorn bush,” but while doing so I began to see the beautiful roses!

                              Some of the tools and even skills that I learned during our time were to simply slow down to see the good not only in myself, but also within the situation in front of me. Simple techniques such as the “I forgive myself” technique as well as the “chop block” technique help me even today when I face new challenges in my life. Life doesn’t stop for anyone, but it’s refreshing to know I have some skills in my arsenal to help me attack each day with enthusiasm and with a smile!

                              The most valuable part of working with Jonny was finding a real friend. In the beginning, Jonny was “Mr. Roman” in my eyes. That changed rather quickly because of how comfortable and right at home our conversations made me feel and made me view our time together differently. Now, Jonny is one of my closest friends still to this day. I’m extremely thankful for Jonny, and here’s why: he not only went through the thorn bushes with me, but he is a tremendous reason, if not the reason, why I am the man I am today!

                              Now I am in a place in my life where I have fallen in love with me. Is everyday perfect? Not quite, but because of my experience/work with Jonny, I’m now able to find the good in every day, every situation, and most importantly inside myself. Oh, and my current situation you ask? I have a job where I wake up everyday feeling great and ready to go to work. My girlfriend and I are moving into our apartment and I couldn’t be happier. LOVE YOU JONNY!



                                Operation Systems Analyst

                                Deciding to invest in coaching came at a pivotal moment in my life. I had just decided that I would be leaving my job and moving out of state. I had six month to make the transition, and I set the intention of making the transition as smooth as possible. I knew that I needed help. I had been in touch with another coach, who recommended that I work with Jonny. In our first call, I described to Jonny what I was taking on, and he gamely leaned into the challenge. I made the decision to invest, and we set out to work.

                                The six months that followed were abundant in every sense. Together, Jonny and I mapped out plans for what my future might look like. He helped me prioritize the areas of my life where I wanted to focus my attention, and reminded me that I had the right to let the rest go. We made agreements about how I would build new habits, and he helped me learn how to hold myself more accountable, while also having compassion for myself when I struggled. Most of all, Jonny helped me understand how capable I am of giving myself what I need most.

                                I’m pleased to report that today I am living a beautiful life near the beach, building meaningful relationships, and pursuing passions that fill me with joy and gratitude. It still feels early in the journey, but I feel further along and more aligned than I can recall in recent memory. Perhaps the best demonstration of his impact was that several of my friends requested his contact information because they could see the changes I was making in my life, and were inspired to do the same. At least one of those friends is now a client.

                                I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jonny, and would encourage anybody reading this to consider booking an intro session. You’ll see right away that Jonny is every bit as advertised.



                                  Professional Barrel Racer / Barrel Racing Coach

                                  Coaching with Jonny has been an awesome experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into it, but now my whole entire life is different! I used to criticize myself, and I didn’t fully trust myself.  I would worry a lot about what others thought of me, which would lead me to tip-toe around topics with my clients, or hold back from saying things that were important to me with my family and others for fear of what they might think.

                                  Now I am much more confident in my abilities, and in my thoughts in general.  I go with my gut a lot more, instead of second-guessing myself.  That has been really freeing.  I don’t care what people think as much, because I know that I am really good at what I do. 

                                  Not only that, but with Jonny’s help, I have taken what I learned as a professional barrel racer and I now have my own business as a barrel racing coach.  I created my own subscription-based Facebook group that is bringing in consistent monthly income and is growing steadily.  I sold one of my horses for the most amount of money I have ever sold a horse before.  I’ve increased the amount of lessons and clinics I teach, and put on my own barrel race.  All that is to say I’m making more income, which feels exciting because I am contributing to my family in a new way than I ever had before. 

                                  It’s all so freeing. The potential of what’s to come is mind-blowing. I’m seeing my clients grow so much and so quickly, and it is so fulfilling for me.  Jonny pushed me and coached me in ways that have helped me be my own person and catapult me towards what’s next in my life and my business!



                                    International Development Consultant

                                    When I started working with Jonny I was at a crossroads in my life.  I was just getting ready to leave my job and move to a new country, and I had a lot of questions about the future that had me somewhat paralyzed and trapped by fear and worry.

                                    Coaching with Jonny was really helpful because I had a safe space where I could be honest as well as challenged. I consider myself to be pretty self-aware already, but our sessions would help highlight things about myself or my life that I wasn’t even aware of.  We would dig deeper to see what’s really going on inside and then created habits and took action to resolve them and move forward.

                                    Now I feel more empowered.  I’m getting rid of illusions I’ve had about myself and my future, and I have more confidence and clarity, because I know that I have agency over what happens.  I’m more in tune with my intuition and trust myself to make choices and decisions because I know how to work with my fears as they come up and move through them more quickly.

                                    Jonny also gave me a bunch of resources, readings, tools, and other methodologies that I know will continue to serve me now and into my future.  This helps me feel more centered and ready to handle whatever life throws my way.

                                    I highly recommend Jonny, coaching with Jonny was a worthwhile investment and I’m grateful for the opportunity that helped me get back on the right path.



                                      Educator / Mom

                                      The way I see the world has changed. After working with Jonny, I am more mindful of my thoughts and behaviors. I feel more open, yet grounded and connected. Forgiving myself is easier. I am happier and feel more at peace.  

                                      Never have I worked with someone more knowledgeable, more caring, and better able to reach me. I have developed real, lifelong change through our sessions together. Jonny uses small attainable goals and techniques that blow open stuck perspectives. His approach is one of kindness, love, and authenticity. I always felt heard; never judged. 

                                      Jonny’s coaching incorporates expertise in a number of subject areas. He also calls upon his own experiences which makes him very relatable. His inherent wisdom shines through, yet he remains open to learn from those around him. He is dependable and available. He is my guide, my friend.



                                        Retired Teacher / Grandfather

                                        I have metastasized prostate cancer. Through other attempts to find ways to deal with this, I began searching for a life coach. My daughter actually recommended Jonny.  Most of the other testimonials talk about how much Jonny helped transform & improve their lives. I’ll mention that a little at end. But I want to highlight a few thoughts maybe NOT shared by others:

                                        1. The complimentary intro sessions he offered helped convince me that Jonny was a “fit” & it would be worth the time & $$ to let him work with me.  Take advantage of these. THEY ARE NOT A GIMMICK. In addition, Jonny was completely reliable in terms of managing our appointments.  This is in the context of having already worked with a different coach who both charged a whole lot more than Jonny (even charging extra for a few additional minutes!), & then readily broke scheduled appts.
                                        2. The “systems” Jonny has in place are really good. This includes: making appts; giving feedback BEFORE a session; payment; & providing support materials (written, oral, & visual resources).
                                        3. Like any good coach (I’m a public Middle & High School retired teacher & track coach myself), Jonny “walks the tight rope” between being sensitive to providing what YOU (the client) wants & “pushing the envelope.” He’s sensitive to challenging you, yet also sensitive to “dealing with what you need today.” He’s also well-organized, preps before a session, & is excellent in terms of follow-up.
                                        4. He’s fun to work with. Good sense of humor. Loves dogs (& has one himself). Shares stories from his own journey & life. He’s humble.

                                        As to my own journey, Jonny has helped me be in a different place in relationship to my cancer. I’m no longer “beating myself up” for “not being perfect enough.” I realize much better the “real issue is my relationship to the issue.” (Put: question, dilemma, problem, etc. in place of “issue.”) After 6 months of working with Jonny, I am truly in a different place. If you want to talk to me (about the coaching, the cancer, alternative approaches to healing), Jonny has permission to give anyone my contact info.



                                        Software Architect

                                        When one of his clients gave me a free introductory session with Jonny, I was very dubious about the whole concept of life coaching. In that initial session, even over Zoom, Jonny made a connection with me that resonated and served to convince me to give it serious consideration. Through our sessions over several months, Jonny often gave me challenges to contemplate and/or to work on specific goals consistent with my career or personal objectives. Other times life’s surprises brought unexpected sessions of deep exploration, a lot of soul searching, and sometimes tears.

                                        Regardless of what we were working on, Jonny exhibited an uncanny ability to tap into exactly what I needed to examine or open up next. He did all this in a challenging but respectful and gentle way that helped encourage me to open up and grow in unexpected ways. Looking back, I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through some of those challenges without Jonny’s insightful advice and support. I can honestly say that I don’t even think of Jonny as my ‘life coach’ as much as a good friend!




                                        I want to thank Jonny Roman for working with me in our coaching sessions. This was my first time working with a coach, as I never had previous experience of coaches (only coaches for athletes, but not for working on yourself emotionally, spiritually, etc.).

                                        During our 90-minute conversations, Jonny created and followed a roadmap of how I would get to the place of accomplishing my goal. At times, we had to take a step back and identify the roadblocks that were keeping me stuck. I lost my job and was sitting in the victim, or “poor me,” role. He acknowledged and honored where I was at, but then pulled me out, little by little, encouraging me to find that amazing person with so much potential hidden in the sorrow that I was feeling for myself. This is not the end of my story, I soon learned, and my job situation was a valuable teaching lesson for me for the next chapter in my life. I am this amazing person who wants to do something amazing, and I just had to dig deep to find that person. 

                                        Jonny gave me homework in between sessions to keep my eye on the prize, so I had work to do!

                                        I am thankful for Jonny’s time, confidence in me (even when I had none for myself), and he held no judgements, only acknowledging where I was and pushing me forward. I will continue to work with Jonny so that I can show off what I’ve accomplished, and what my next steps are in this amazing journey of life! Thank you!



                                        Multi-Level Marketer

                                        Jonny has been a huge help in my life.  When I first started working with him, I was at a really low point in my life.  Lots of challenges that I was facing.  Working with Jonny, he helped me tap into my power, and helped me become aware of the person inside of me with tremendous strength, who is responsible, driven, and unstoppable! Jonny has a tremendous caring about him and yet pushed me when I needed it so I could move through the challenging times I was experiencing.

                                        After 1 session with him, I became aware of how I had been showing up in ways that were not serving my success, and that same afternoon, I nailed my interview and got the job I had been hoping for.  Thanks Jonny for pushing me to push me through the tough times.  You just put me in my strength.  I am feeling unstoppable now.



                                        Brand Consultant

                                        When I started working with Jonny, I was trying to get a new business off the ground. I was firmly committed to doing hard self-work and exploring new ways to realize my full potential in my work, but I felt stuck. I was caught up in my head, trying to create what I thought were the right solutions, but every time I tried to move forward and actually do something, it felt forced—like taking action was actually disconnecting me from the energy I was trying to bring to what I was doing. I thought I had to choose between coming from my heart or from my head, because those parts of me didn’t seem to be able to work together.

                                        Jonny helped me see that I didn’t have to choose. I was so focused on “doing” something that I was losing sight of how much value there is in just “being” my full self. Jonny helped me find the anchors in my life to realize that I don’t have to try to be something I’m not. Our work together has helped me discover the confidence to trust everything that I am, and to move forward knowing that I have the answers I’ve been looking for.



                                        Account Manager

                                        I sat down with Jonny only one time, for a brief, 30-minute coaching session, and he helped me discover that it was okay to do what’s best for me, instead of others.  As a result of our session, I left my job I had been at for 10 years, and started a new one, where I couldn’t be happier. 

                                        I now have 23.5 paid days of time off I can use to spend for me and my children, so that I can live and pursue my dreams. That revelation of what I needed to do was within me the whole time, but Jonny was the compassionate man, the coach, the friend, the expert who asked the right questions to draw out my own personal answer that was hiding within.  I’m indebted and appreciative to you Jonny!



                                        Health & Wellness Coach

                                        When I started working with Jonny I was completely lost.  I had just had a big event change where I was in my personal life that spiraled into affecting where I was professionally.  After years of being sure of who I was and where I was going, I felt like a shell of myself.  I had found the woman of my dreams and wanted to be more professionally but felt stuck. 

                                        Jonny helped me calm down and relax.  Honestly his coaching helped me separate past life events from who I am and where I was headed.  Throughout our coaching he was able to help clear that internal mental fog I had created and get “unstuck”. I thoroughly enjoyed our time coaching together and can’t thank him enough for his time and patience working with me.



                                        Educator & Empowerment Coach

                                        I was lost, frustrated, tired of attracting narcissistic ***holes (you can plug in another word, lol) I was about to be 40 years old and needed to make massive changes to be happier & more fulfilled in life. Jonny was a huge piece of my transformation. I could not have done what I did this year in all areas of life without him!

                                        His kindness, compassion, value, and consistent intention of being fully present and available to serve my needs was so helpful. He also knew when to push back, and challenge my thinking with compassion and a soft kick in the rear, which I needed badly! I needed someone to hold me accountable and provide the tools to push through to the next level. Jonny helped me release the judgements, and truly love myself again, which I am forever grateful and in his debt. If you are looking to make a real spiritual change in your life, to love yourself without judgement, then Jonny is your answer!



                                        Business Consultant

                                        When I first started coaching with Jonny, I was a bit hesitant.  I had worked with several other coaches in the past and it never seemed to fit for me. Whilst I had some success, I never managed to create the real results I was after and I never felt fully connected to my previous coaches.  

                                        Coaching with Jonny was very different as he provided me with a safe environment where I could explore absolutely anything that was needed to move forward. Not only did he help me understand my existing patterns of behavior, he also helped process the blocks standing in the way of what I wanted. 

                                        Before working with Jonny I felt stuck and unfulfilled in my romantic relationships and in my career. Working with Jonny allowed me to recognize and enter into the best, most loving, communicative and honest relationship I have ever had, AND, he has also provided me with the tools to continue growing this relationship. In addition to this, my existing employment transformed – In the last six months I was promoted, I received two increases in salary, a cash bonus and I have been able to structure my work days to incorporate more time for my passion of creating art and painting.

                                        I have heard it said many times that if you want to get different results, you need to do something differently. For me, coaching with Jonny was the key to doing things differently. Jonny has a sincere ability to provide a mix of compassion, acceptance, and a completely non-judgmental environment, whilst also keeping you focused on moving forward and stretching your boundaries to create real results.  I highly recommend Jonny, he is brilliant, trustworthy, whole-hearted, highly supportive and always leading by example in his learning and growth. I love working with Jonny and I highly recommend him if you are serious about getting what you want in life.



                                        Holistic Healer

                                        I have had the opportunity to work with Jonny on several occasions.  He has provided me with ongoing support.  His compassion and intuition, coupled with his superb questions and listening skills has made our time together highly productive.  He was able to guide me to the solutions for several personal challenges.