Peru 2020 Men’s Retreat

Peru Men’s Retreat (Postponed)

This is more than a vacation

I invite you to join me and a group of 12 courageous, open, willing men for an unforgettable trip to the Sacred Valley of Peru.

We’re going to spend a week experiencing adventure, service, culture, Machu Picchu, and a deep dive into our inner world.

This mens-only retreat will be a space where we can connect in a way we may not always have the opportunity to do back home, and be with a group of other men all open to exploring these kinds of questions.

Step out of your normal, everyday lives, away from any of the cultural definitions of “Man” and “Masculine” or any responsibilities you might feel trapped by, and come into an environment that is sacred, raw, and powerful.

Come step away for a week of regeneration and freedom that leaves you inspired and excited to create your future.  Not only will you connect with a beautiful country and its people, but you’ll leave with a lifelong community of brothers that will pay dividends long after you return home.

This is transformational travel


“Jonny helped me find the anchors in my life to realize that I don’t have to try to be something I’m not. Our work together has helped me discover the confidence to trust everything that I am, and to move forward knowing that I have the answers I’ve been looking for.”

– Jonathan M.


If adventure is your thing, there’s few better places than Peru.  The Andes mountains will literally take your breath away, ancient cultures will inspire you, and hiking and zip lining will get your heart jumping. Peru is truly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places you’ll ever visit, and adventure can be found around every corner.

  • Watch the sun rise above Machu Picchu, and tour one of the 7 Wonders of the World
  • Zip line a thousand feet above the valley floor
  • Hike to the top of the Sacred Valley
  • And plenty more…


As life gets busier, having a great group of male friends to connect and be real with, rely on, and feel open and comfortable with can become more of a challenge.  In Peru we’ll take off the masks we wear as men and get real; you’ll create a group of friends and brothers that you can connect with for life, and return home a more grounded, more centered version of yourself.


    This is what truly sets this trip apart from any other to Peru.  This is not just a vacation to Latin America.  This is a transformational journey where you will return a changed man.  You will leave behind any sense of smallness, reclaim and own your strength with a renewed energy and passion for your life and your future.  We’ll have daily reflection, group coaching, 1-on-1 pre-departure coaching, and plenty of opportunity for growth.


      Peru is culturally rich in a way that blends ancient customs with more modern lifestyles. Together we’ll explore artisan markets, shamanic blessings, Incan ruins and plenty more. You’ll get unique insights into the wisdom of the Incas and the rich history of the Sacred Valley, and connect with locals through a day-long service project, experiencing a side of Peru many tourists don’t get to see.


        Working with Jonny, he helped me tap into my power, and helped me become aware of the person inside of me with tremendous strength, who is responsible, driven, and unstoppable! Jonny has a tremendous caring about him and yet pushed me when I needed it so I could move through the challenging times I was experiencing.

        – Tony T.


        What does it cost?

        Here’s the best part. The fee is all-inclusive, and includes the following:

        • 7 nights, 8-days hotel accommodations

        • All delicious, healthy meals

        • All excursions and adventures, including hikes, zip line, Incan ruins, and more

        • Train to Machu Picchu

        • Entrance and tour guides for all adventures

        • All ground transportation in Peru

        • Day-long service project in a local community

        • Cultural ceremony with local shaman

        • All Group coaching on-site

        • 1-on-1 coaching session with Jonny pre-departure

        • Travel Health Insurance

        • And more…

        Basically, get yourself to Cusco, and everything else is taken care of after that.


        (Only 9 spots remain)

        $500 non-refundable deposit required to secure your spot.


        “Jonny was our guide on my group’s 10-day trip to Peru. His knowledge of the culture, mastery of the language and take charge approach brought me piece of mind and resulted in an experience that changed my life, as well as my career.”

        – Devon D.

        Meet Jonny

        Jonny has been creating transformational group experiences around the world for over 15 years.  Having lived for 3.5 years in Peru, and lead over 30 groups there, he is an expert in crafting memorable trips that combine adventure, culture, service, and coaching as a way to create powerful and lasting experiences for his clients. He is a strong believer in the power of Conscious Travel, as he calls it, and its ability to shift one’s perspective to create real change.  A professional Life and Business Coach, Jonny serves clients around the world to help them create tangible, sustainable transformations in their lives.  Peru is one of his favorite countries; one which changed him in deep and profound ways.  He invites you to let it transform you too.


        “For 9 years I lead international retreats without logistics help…I hired Jonny to help me with my trip to Peru and I can tell you the whole process felt so different, so much easier and lighter than my previous trips…He’s super organized, on top of everything, and made me feel so much more comfortable in the lead up to my trip. I was pleasantly surprised by Jonny’s ability to handle all the details in a way that made me trust that it’s all taken care of.”

        – Jesse G.

        If you’ve been craving an adventurous and extraordinary life, you’ve got to take risks, you’ve got to do the things that are going to make you grow.  Join me in Peru, and start creating an extraordinary life.

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