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One of the greatest joys in life is finding someone to share our life with.

Intimate relationships can bring us so much joy, they can fill us with love, and give us an outlet to share the love that’s inside of us.  It’s the space where, if done right, all of who you are can be seen, accepted, and loved by another person, and you get to give that gift to your partner as well.

However, for so many of us, intimate relationships can become one of our greatest sources of pain as well.  Intimacy requires vulnerability.  It requires us to open ourselves up, to share ourselves with another person, to risk letting our guard down so that we can be received and loved.

And sometimes in the process of doing that, we get hurt.  Sometimes our partner says the wrong thing, or our partner gets triggered and lashes out, or shuts down and pulls away.  Sometimes we get hurt, so we put up walls to protect ourselves, and in so doing, we block our hearts from receiving the love our partner is trying to give us.

Intimate relationships can feel like an impossible puzzle.  If only I could figure my partner out, if only we could communicate better, if only we could stop fighting, if only we could trust each other, if only…then we would finally love being together and this would feel like the best relationship!

Getting to that point, however, can feel like a long road.

In fact, it’s a lot shorter than you think.

Conscious Travel

In couple’s coaching, you’ll learn:


To rely on to help guide you through the more challenging times.


To help you come back to the loving more quickly and easily.


To put it all into practice where it really counts…in your relationship.


Couple’s who receive coaching can create dramatic shifts in their relationship in a short time. Once couple I worked with told me “you helped take our relationship from a 2 to a 9 in only a month!” Sometimes all we need are a few tools or a new way of looking at an old problem to make big shifts. As a I said, you’re often a lot closer than you think. Sign up for a free 90-minute Discovery session for couples, and let’s create a sustainable transformation in your relationship today!

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