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  • Loving Intentions

    Loving Intentions

    I’ve been angry at my wife for the past couple of weeks. I’ve just hid it from everyone very well. I know…not the best way to be in a marriage. Angry for an extended period of time is not productive. I’m the kind of person, though, who is much more likely to hold my emotions…

  • The 1% Wedge

    The 1% Wedge

    When life gets hard, are you a “Fight” person, or a “Flight” person? My wife, Elsie, is a “Fight” person. She can get angry when she’s hurt or overwhelmed. I am a “Flight” person. I shut down and withdraw when I’m hurt or overwhelmed. What do you do? Are you more a flight or a…

  • Learning to Love ALL of Me

    Learning to Love ALL of Me

    How many of you have things that you don’t love about yourself? I used to believe that there truly were certain parts of me that were off-limits to love.  I judged those parts of me so much that I felt they weren’t worthy or deserving of love.  I was ok with some parts of me,…